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We in Oregon are blessed with tremendous gifts and opportunities: a diverse and growing population, vast natural resources and beautiful vistas, healthy family farms, nurseries, and vineyards, innovative businesses large and small, a vibrant arts scene, and a host of committed public servants in our schools, our forests, our fire halls and police stations, and in state and local government.  And we in the mid-Willamette valley are in the heart of it all.

But there are challenges before us that we must face:

  •   Healthcare costs are rising, eating up more and more of our personal incomes, our retirement funds, and the budgets of small and large businesses alike.
  •  Our schools are filled with outstanding teachers, but they are underfunded, many classrooms are bursting at the seams, and our 4-year high school graduation rates are less than 75% statewide. 
  • In Washington, the Trump administration has already begun to dismantle measures that ensure clean  water and air, consumer protections against fraud and scams, civil rights for women, minorities, and immigrants, and recent gains for the LGBTQ communities.

Deb Patterson is running for the District 10 Senate seat because she believes we have the will and the resources to meet these challenges head on and prevail.  She brings more than two decades of experience advocating for healthy communities.  She is the mother of a special needs child and understands the unique challenges we all face in life.  Her core values of compassion and inclusion, and her commitment to finding pragmatic solutions to everyday problems, make her the right candidate, right now, for the Oregon Senate.

Deb will work for affordable healthcare for all Oregonians.  There are still more than 200,000 Oregonians without health insurance.  Thousands more struggle to pay rising premiums.  We can fix this problem in Oregon.

Deb will support our public schools.  We have the resources to do better than 48th out of 50 in high school graduation rates.  Our kids and our teachers deserve our support, and we all need education if we are to meet the future together.

Deb will protect our environment.  Our beautiful Oregon is our greatest gift and most valuable asset.  Clean water and fresh air are our blessing.  A healthy environment is the foundation for healthy communities.

Deb will go to work for our communities.  Large businesses and small, old families and new arrivals, skilled laborers and professionals, young and old—we all have a role to play in building strong and healthy communities together.


Will you help elect Deb Patterson to the Senate in November 2018?

Thriving, Safe, and Strong Communities

Here is what I stand for, and how my priorities differ from the incumbent's voting record.